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Reverse Bill-4 Rally Event

Posted by [email protected] on April 9, 2014 at 1:15 AM

Reverse Bill-4 Rally Event.

April 19th at 1pm until 4pm, At Surrey Central. I will be holding a rally to protest against the passage of Bill-4. For those of you who don't know what Bill-4 is, it's a Bill that basically allows for pipeline drilling in residential parks. Prime Minister Stephen Harper passed this Bill-4 without consulting anyone, or even having a vote. We the people should have had a say in whether we wanted this Bill-4 to pass... Now they can drill pipelines in our backyards and dump crude oil, and they think that this is ok? I don't feel this is how a government should conduct it's business... They have an obligation to their people to allow them to know when something directly affects their lives, and destroys the ecosystem which we live off of. The residential parks were once protected under a act, but this Bill-4 now makes that protection act nullified...

Obviously this is a huge concern, and this should be concerning everyone. Would you like it if someone just suddenly came to your door and said "ma'am we are going to drill a pipeline into your backyard, and dump oil into your water" Without even making it a question? I certainly would be on the phone to the police, or I'd physically remove them from my property. It comes down to this, what will you do to save your future generations from the destruction this administration is causing? Does your children's future mean anything to you? If it does than you should be on the streets with us April 19th and shouting out loud for Christy Clark, and Stephen Harper to hear you! Don't back down, don't give in, and certainly don't let them tell you what you need to accept, because you know what? They don't have any power and authority over us, you know why? Because WE gave them that power and authority, which means we can take it away! They've abused it, and misused it, and misrepresented their people, and caused so much oppression that we should all be taking the streets and screaming for them to bow down and beg us for their mercy, because we are the ones whose coming to knock on their door and say "Hey, you abused us for too long, now it's time to give back the power to the people, or we will take it back!"

This is the outline, we will meet at 1pm, I will probably be still organizing so we won't be speaking until 1:15pm, while we are getting organized, there will be a petition to sign to Reverse Bill-4. After we talk, and sing, and say a prayer, we will than get everyone together to go for a march. We will march through the mall, and do it slow, so we shut down, the mall for a short period of time, but long enough to make a difference. We will go down the escelator, out the front doors, and march through the parking lot heading towards King George. Then we will go towards a road that I'm not mentioning on here, everyone will know on the 19th, because I don't want the police to direct traffic somewhere else, we need to reach the masses.

After we march for an hour, we will head back to the mall, which we will shut it down as we go back to the skytrain again. We will then sing, and talk until the petition is signed by everyone that's going to sign it, and at 4pm we will say thanks, and our goodbyes.

Remember WE are the GAPP between them and power!!! #TheGAPP

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