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My Day of Protesting

Posted by [email protected] on April 2, 2014 at 2:50 AM

My Day Of Protesting

April 1, 2014 at 11:53pm, Written by: Evee Kameya


Today began like any other day, I woke up, had a coffee, got my son out of bed, said goodmorning to my husband. I had my morning coffee and as I was sipping it my husband asked me if I'd like to leave for a bit while he cleaned the whole house for me. I thought that was an interesting idea, I didn't know where I'd go, what I'd do, I just knew that the prospect of going out sounded good. It was a nice sunny hot day, I had a few ideas in mind, but soon my thoughts would change...

I was on facebook looking for things to share on my page, when I saw I had invitations to events. I clicked on events, and then invites. I saw that there was a invite to an event tomorrow at 3pm. A mass twitter flood for Christy Clark our premeir for British Columbia. I commented saying that I understood how this may help, but it's small compared to what we can actually do to bring attention to the newly passed Bill-4. I felt like it wasn't enough just flooding her twitter and email. I felt something more direct and attention grabbing should happen.

That's when it happened... My eyes opened and I saw a beautiful opportunity. I made a sign to post on my sons back pack. I then put paper into my back pack and left with him... I began small, I posted a sign on the bus stop I was at waiting to go to surrey central. I got on the bus after posting it, and as we were going towards surrey central, there was a huge accident, a man was hit, he was laying on the road...

I felt bad for this man, I wanted to give him a name, and show the world his story, so I started filming... It's only natural in our day and age that when you see something you film it, and then post it later. I didn't want to just post it, I wanted to tell this mans story... I don't know if he lived or not, so if he isn't alive he deserves his story being told. He deserves to have his name known, and to know he mattered. He wasn't just no body who got hit, and killed... He was a man, he was a father, a brother, a uncle, a son. He deserves that much, he probably suffered like all of us with this corrupt world.

These two men on the bus were so rude to me for it, they don't know me, they don't know how big of a heart I have, they don't know that I feel like this mans life was worth something... He was here, he had a life, he had family and friends... Shouldn't people know that? To the police and EMT's on the scene he was just another victim... Not to me, he was a human man, and he had a name. I don't know his name, but I have given him a voice. Those men harassing me for what I was doing really got to me. Why? Because I don't understand why they felt they needed to harass me for something they shouldn't of even got involved in... They were so concerned with minding my own business, but they didn't mind theirs... So then I felt they were being hypocrites...

After that and I got to Surrey Central, my whole vibe was thrown off so I decided to wait for the bus to go home... As I was on the bus I felt like doing more signs when I got off, so that's what I did, I posted another sign at the bus stop I got off at, and I continued home. I put one up in my lobby, and in the elevator on my way up to my floor... So now I'm in this vibe mood that everyday until I hear something more than blasting a bunch of tweets, but that we are going to take serious action against this, then I will post signs everywhere I can....

This is a small step in the big picture, but I know it will make a ripple. I need someone to pay attention and if theres signs everywhere and it's on facebook, twitter, my website, other peoples facebooks, and twitter than its getting out there, and that is more than sitting at home venting online to do something. I am doing something, and that is what I want! I want to do something, therefore I am! Be the change you want to see, well I'm living the change I want to see!

Thank you for reading this article/blog, remember WE are the GAPP between them and power!

Written by: Evee Kameya

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