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Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women Of Canada

Posted by [email protected] on April 1, 2014 at 1:00 AM

Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women of Canada.

March 31, 2014 at 10:05pm, Written by: Evee Kameya


There is a lot to be said about the issues facing Indigenous Women. They have had the hardest road since the colonization of the Europians sailing up on shore. But that isn't the only issue they have faced, over the past decade and a little longer, over 825 women have gone missing and found murdered. A lot of these crimes have gone unsolved, and one more recently has got attention internationally, a women named Loretta Saunders.

The parents of a murdered Halifax university student have broken their silence and are now expressing anger at Halifax police.

Loretta Saunders’ parents say they can forgive the suspects charged in her death, but they can’t forgive the police who they feel deliberately misled them.

Mariam and Clayton Saunders say they are frustrated with the way the case was handled from day one and feel the justice system has failed their daughter.

“The law needs to change. From my own experience, her body could have been found probably the first day of the investigation, in the house,” says Mariam Saunders.

“As soon as they went into the apartment, they must have known she was gone. It don’t take a genius for that, where there had been struggles, especially when there was blood around the place,” says Clayton Saunders.

Loretta Saunders' body was found on a snow-covered median off the Trans-Canada Highway near Salisbury, N.B. on Feb. 26.

The 26-year-old Inuk woman from Labrador, who was studying at Saint Mary's University, had disappeared from Halifax on Feb. 13.

Police allege Saunders, who was three months pregnant, was killed the day she was last seen at a Halifax apartment she once shared with the two people accused in her death.

“They said they seen her coming out alive…when she went to get her rent they seen her coming out, the cops told me that, they seen her coming out alive, but the reality was that wasn’t true,” says Mariam Saunders.

She and her husband are still trying to come to terms with the loss of their daughter but say they have too many unanswered questions. They say they are raw, numb and drained from sleepless nights

“I don’t sleep in the night, wondering if she was cut up, wondering if she was hurting, how long she was hurting,” says Mariam Saunders.

But Halifax police are defending their handling of the case. They say a liaison officer kept the family in the loop but some aspects of the file couldn’t be divulged, even to family members.

As for not launching a search once Saunders’ car was discovered near Windsor, Ont. on Feb. 18, police say that just wasn’t possible.

“Investigators with the integrated HRP/RCMP major crime unit, until the day Miss Saunders’ body was discovered, had no information as to where she was located,” says Const. Pierre Bourdages of the Halifax Regional Police.

“It’s a vast distance between Halifax and Windsor and we had no area to concentrate on.”

Bourdages says Saunders’ family hasn’t raised any concerns with police but says there is someone available to speak with them and is encouraging them to get in touch.

While they are furious with police and the justice system, Saunders’ parents say they are not angry at Victoria Henneberry and Blake Leggette, the couple charged with first-degree murder in Loretta’s death.

“I don’t hate those people. Maybe it’s because I’m not gone to that stage. I hope I don’t,” says Mariam Saunders.

“I don’t know why, deep down in my heart I don’t. I don’t even hate God.”

Leggette, 25, and Henneberry, 28, appeared at Halifax provincial court Thursday morning but the case was adjourned until April 9.

Everyone across Canada has been touched by this murder. It says a lot about what kind of people can kill a 3 month pregnant woman in cold blood... How could they live with themselves after killing a innocent child that didn't even have the chance to live? I am a mother of a little boy, and I would really want my government to take action on this issue if it were me and my son who were murdered. The Harper government has shown little to no concern with this growing crisis on Indigenous women's lives. He went as far as rejecting all requests for a public inquiry, and I've noticed that YouTube, and Facebook is being censored from even the mere mention of the issue... So than you need to ask yourself this question, what is the government trying to cover up? What are they trying to hide?

Also take this into note, Loretta was studying the missing and murdered women in Canada when she conveniently disappeared, and then turned up dead. I am aware that they know it was the room-mates that did it, but who put them up to it? Were they acting alone? Were they bought into doing it? I've seen and heard some pretty crazy stories of how far the government will go to get, and do what they want. Anyone heard of Obama's kill list? What if Harper has one, and it has to do with his dirty little secrets? Which is why we are living in poverty, and have pipelines poisoning our communities, why we can't get any funding for anything that our communities need.

There's more, I attended a candle light vigil for these women, it was based upon honoring Loretta's work into the missing and murdered women, but we were honoring all missing and murdered women. We signed a bus stop on Commercial Dr, in Vancouver Canada, and not even 12 hours later it was all cleaned off... I wonder why they had to clean off those women's names in such a hurry?

There is a lot going on that isn't being addressed, there is a lot being said, but no action to show for these talks. We are missing 825 women, and counting, no one seems to be doing anything... Why? Is this a Canada we wanted? Where women can vanish in the hundreds, and the government won't spend the time to find out why? If this were white women, I'm sure that there would be people in the streets screaming every day until Mr. Harper gave the people what they wanted. Why can't he do it for these 825 women? Do they not deserve to go home to their families? Do their families not deserve closure? Do their families not deserve to burry their children? This is a sadness...

Remember WE are the GAPP between them and power!

Written by:Evee Kameya







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