YOU are the GAPP between them and power!


Harper No More!!!

Posted by [email protected] on March 2, 2014 at 2:05 AM

Omnibus March Against Harper

March 1, 2014 at 7:15pm, Written by: Evee Kameya


Today a bunch of people filled with love, and anger, gathered at 1pm in Vancouver at Hornby st. They peacefully assembled, and began talking about how grateful they were for the people whocame, had come to join them in love and anger, to deliver a clear powerful message to the Harper Regime. They sang songs, and melted the hearts around them, including mine. After singing, and stating what they were standing for, fighting for, they began the march.

As we marched, I noticed the police presence was very strong. They were trying to direct us down roads that had noone to hear our voices. We went the direction of people, humans, like me, and you. We searched for like minded souls, we searched for freedom fighters. We shut down all the busiest streets, we occupied big business areas in down town.They spreaded their messages, their voices, their love, their mutual anger, and I couldn’t help but fall in love with this powerful, passionate lifestyle. To stand up for what you believe in, wanting your voice heard. It is only human towant to have a voice, and to want it to be heard.

We sang songs like “We don’t want your dirty oil” “We won’t stop until we win” “United we stand divided we fall” “Stephen Harper’s gotta go” There was a lot of free speech, everyone was so passionate. I took photo’s of some of the signs people had with them, and were holding up. I connected with one of the women, she was crying because of how powerful the message was, I ended up crying as well, knowing how she felt, why we are doing this. Our sons were the reason we want Canada to be a home, and not a prison for them. The whole march was moving on a deep, human, spiritual, intellectual, and profound level.

For the first time in my life standing in the middle of the crowd screaming my message, their message, ourmessage, I knew that, that’s where I belong. Out in the community making a difference. I know that my independent journalism will make a huge impact, especially on days like today.

They touched on all topics that matter to all of us. The pipelines, our Earth, tar sands, land and treatyrights, liberty and freedom, the only thing they didn’t touch on, is the most important. Choice! Everyone of us at one point made a choice to stand and fight, it takes a certain point in life where we have had enough. I wanted to know what would it take to have every Canadian choose to stand with us, march with us.

A wise man once said “People should not fear their government, their government should fear their people!” It’strue, we are the ones who give them power! Well no more, we will be the GAPP between them and power!

Everyone has a voice, I heard their voices, as they heard mine, because mine was theirs, and theirs were ours. We need more voices so that there is too many to silence. So here’s my question readers: What will it take for you to make the choice to fight for your freedom, your childrens freedom, their childrens freedom?

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Remember WE are the GAPP between them and power!

Written by: Evee Kameya

Twitter @TheGAPP3

YouTube Channel: Eva Millman


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